CrossRoads is a social networking platform that enables college students to efficiently find collaborators, and other valuable resources to work on their innovative ideas in their school community.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of ideas and collaboration to find solutions to our biggest problems. We recognize the future is one that will be shaped by ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship. College is the best time for students to pursue the ideas that inspire them and CrossRoads Create wants to support that! We are building a one of a kind community - one that collaborates, supports and inspires. For college students, by college students.

The CrossRoads Journey

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Find teammates among your college community who are interested in the same idea, have the same passion or the skills that you are looking for to make your ideas come to life. Similarly find projects to work on that matches your interests or the skills you want to develop. Through such entrepreneurial and innovative projects you gain skills that are valuable in the industry!


Be easily connected with potential mentors, incubators and investors that could help you to progress on your venture.


Have an idea that requires funding? As our platform evolves we will make it easier for you to be introduced to potential investors.


Use our easy to use team management tools to set goals, manage and progress towards making your dream a reality. All in one platform.

The Team

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Sharfuz Shifat
sandesh image
Sandesh Paudel
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Andrew Nyaisonga
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Carolyn Zelicof